CWG Markets offers a wide range of precious metal instruments, including gold, silver and platinum. Precious metals can become an important asset of diversified trading strategy.

Metals are commodity assets mined from the ground. For hundreds of years, the government has been using metal as an indicator of value and means of exchange, thus becoming an ideal trading tool. According to the price change of each metal, the trading of precious metals (such as platinum, silver, gold) and industrial metals (such as copper) is listed. Moreover, these metals are widely used in daily applications from jewelry to electronic products.

Trading in silver and gold, or any other metal you like, is a fairly easy-to-understand market. Every commodity trader should know one thing-this market can be very volatile. However, this also means huge profits and losses. The volatility is mainly due to the fact that many metals geopolitical regions (such as the Middle East) are politically unstable, and this fact drives this volatility. Don't let this prevent you from entering these lucrative markets, but remember that responsible trading should include doing your homework beforehand.

The metal commodity market has some evident advantages.

√ metal is an excellent diversification tool, completely independent of other markets

√ Excellent Inflation Hedging

√ Different from other investments (such as gold bars), you can own physical assets

√ There are many investment types to choose from

√ multiple metals

√ The essential global currency metal has been in use

The factors influencing the price of precious metals include supply and demand, economic uncertainty, industrial output value, the influence of US dollar, interest rate, quantitative easing and more.


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